Marck & Melyssa

Marck & Melyssa, Zoukdays Zurich

You already met them? Then you know what you get!
If not – be prepared for some days full with energy, good vibes & brazilian fire!
Don`t miss the opportunity to learn from these young & talented dancers from Sao Paulo and let`s have a great time together!

Marck Melyssa Zurich22 EB

About Marck & Melyssa
International Brazilian Zouk and Lambada dancers and teachers from São Paulo, Marck & Melyssa, known by the versatility of styles, energy and dance technique, they began their studies together and partnership in 2017.

They competed and reached the podium in many national and international Brazilian Zouk and Lambada competitions.

Their teachers who were a watershed in their dances are: Bruna Kazakevic & Zé Roberto (Brazilian Zouk); Felipe Restrepo (Brazilian Zouk); Lilian Midori (Brazilian Zouk); David & Deywylla (Lambazouk); Rafael Machado (all rhythms); and Robinson and Larissa (Salsa).

Partners and friends, M&M want to bring people the happiness that the art of dance brings to them, through a mixture of the essence and modernity of Brazilian Zouk and Lambada.


Early Bird Discount endet on 07. August 2022!

Normal Price / Late bird** Combo (Pass + Party)***

Addictedpass 15h, 380.- / 410.-**
Weekendpass 10h, 270.- / 300.-**
Improver/Interm.pass 6h, 180.- / 210.-**
Mondaypass 3h, 100.- / 100.-**
Wednesdaypass 1.5h, 50.- / 50.-** (Practica included 5.-)
Singleclass 1h, (only at the door), 40.-, if you have any of the passes 30.-

You are not from Switzerland and swissprices makes you crazy? We offer you a special deal! Get the Weekendpass incl. all Partys for 160.- CHF.

PRIVATLESSON with 1 Teacher (sold out)
With any Pass / *without pass
1h, 100.- / *140.-
3h,  90.- / *130.-per lesson
more than 3h, 80.- / *120.- per lesson


Single Party – CHF 20.- (15.-*** only in combo with a workshoppass)
Partypass (Fr+Sa) – CHF 40.- (30.-*** only in combo with a workshoppass)
Practica – CHF 5.- (only at the door)

Prices are subjected to change.

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Friday 30.09.2022
2h, 19:15-21:30, open Level
Ab 21:30 Party at Silbando

Saturday 01.10.2022
2h, 12:00-14:00, Improver Level
2h, 15:00-17:00, Intermediate Level
Ab 21:00 Party at Iron Mams

Sunday 02.10.2022
2h, 12:00-14:00, Improver Level
2h, 15:00-17:00, Intermediate Level
Lets go for dinner all together!

Monday 03.10.2022
1h, 19:00-20:00, Styling class
2h, 20:15-22:15, Open Level

Wednesday 05.10.2022
1.5 h, 20:30-22:00, Open Level
ab 22:00 Practica

Write us to reserve your Privatleson!
Available from thursday evening 29.09.2022 – Wednesday evening 05.10.2022

Marck Melyssa Zurich22 EB6