Leo & Ana, Zoukdays Zurich

Leo & Ana, Brazilian Zouk Zurich

Leo & Ana are coming to teach Brazilian Zouk & Lambada in Zurich!
For you we prepared a Week full with Zouk & Lambada! There will be many hours of workshops for all Levels.
Of course we will party a lot and you get the possibility to book privatlessons with them!

Don`t miss the opportunity to learn from these talented dancers and let`s have a great time together!

Leo Ana Zurich232

About Leo & Ana

Leo & Ana begin their dance career through classical ballet and jazz as children, but their paths intersect only in the year 2015, when Ana was approved at an audition for a Leo team at his dance school. Leo and Ana are recognized for their technique, a quality of their shows that mix elements of Lambada, Zouk and other dances, and versatility in the social to dance various styles of music, this partnership has developed focused on studying of all existent styles of Lambada and Zouk, aiming to offer to the students a 360º panorama of what happens in the zouk community. For them the diversity of zouk and the dialogue between styles, is what makes the community so special. They test their studies in the main competitions of Lambada and Zouk in Brazil, consecrated 2 times champions of Lambada world championship in Porto Seguro, and in June of 2017 were the first placed of Brazil Latin Open, Brazilian championship of Zouk, competing with the best zouk couples in Brazil. Since 2016 they have traveled around the world as instructors and international artists from Lambada and Zouk, and have taught in more than 40 cities around 20 countries in Europe, Oceania, Asia and South America. 

Passes & Prices


With our flexible passsystem you can choose the pass which fits best for you.
You can select the partys seperatly, only in Fridaypass the party is included.

Sundayparty is not included in any pass and can only be paid at the door.

Weekendpass, Friday – Sunday 11h, all classes included; open Level, Zoukessential, Zouk Challenge & Lambada.
Level: in minimum Zouk improverlevel, you know Lambadatiming

, Friday – Sunday 8h, classes included; open Level, Zoukessential & Zouk Challenge.
Level: in minimum Zouk improverlevel

, Friday – Sunday 5h, classes included; open Level &  Zoukessential.
Level: you know Basicsteps

, Saturday – Sunday 3h, classes included; Lambada.
Level: you have Lambadaexperience

, Friday 2h + Party, classes included; open Level
Level: you know Basicsteps

, all classes on Saturday / Sunday 4.5h, classes included; Zoukessential, Zouk Challenge & Lambada
Level: in minimum Zouk improverlevel, you know Lambadatiming

Early Bird Discount* ends 29. January 2023!

Weekendpass, Fr – Sun 11h,  240.-* / 270.-
Zoukpass, Fr – Sun 8h, 200.-* / 230.-
Zoukessentialpass, Fr – Sun 5h, 120.-* / 140.-
Lambadapass Sat – Sun 3h,  70.-* / 80.-
Fridaypass 2h,  60.-* / 65.- (Party included)
Saturday-/Sundaypass 4.5h, 115.-* / 135.-

Friday Party – CHF 10.- presale / 15.- at the door
Saturday Party – CHF 15.- presale / 20.- at the door


You are not from Switzerland and swissprices makes you crazy? We offer you a special deal! Get the Weekendpass incl. all Partys for 150.- CHF.

Prices are subjected to chang

Leo Ana Zurich23 Prices 3
Leo Ana Zurich23 Program2


***Friday 10.03.2023***

19:30 – 21:30, 2h Workshop Zouk open Level
21:30 – 01:30 Party

***Saturday 11.03.2023***

12:00 – 13:30, 1.5h Workshop Zouk Essential
13:45 – 15:15, 1.5h Workshop Zouk Challenge
15:45 – 17:15, 1.5h Workshop Lambada

21:00 – 02:00 Party
@ Iron Mams

***Sunday 12.03.2023***

12:00 – 13:30, 1.5h Workshop Zouk Essential
13:45- 15:15, 1.5h Workshop Zouk Challenge
15:45 – 17:15, 1.5h Workshop Lambada

Leo Ana Zurich23 Schedule Weekend 1


Of course you can book a privatclass with Leo or Ana.
Between 8.3. – 20.3.2023 they are available.

***Prices 1 Teacher***

1h – 120 Euro
3h – 110 Euro / per hour
5h – 100 Euro / per hour

***Prices 2 Teacher***

1h – 240 Euro
3h – 220 Euro / per hour
5h – 200 Euro / per hour

The class can be at Silbando or at the apartment they stay in Zürich Altstetten.

Contact us to book your privat: info@zoukessence.ch
Please write us your mobile, so we can contact you easyer.


Leo Ana Zurich23 PRIVATCLASS


with Leo&Ana, Zoukdays Zurich23
during week from 07.03. – 17.03.2023
💜 During week Leo & Ana teach our regular Classes, join us! 💜
You can drop-in into our regular classes teached by Leo&Ana during their stay in Zurich.

Tuesday, Lambada
, 07.03.2023, 2h Lambada open Level
60.-, inkl. Party

Wednesday, Zouk, 08.03.2023, 2h, 1h Zouk Essential, 1h Zouk Challenge
60.-, inkl. Party

Monday, Zouk, 13.03.2023, 2h Zouk open Class
55.-, no party that day

Wednesday, Zouk, 15.03.2023, 2h, 1h Zouk Essential, 1h Zouk Challenge
60.-, inkl. Party

Friday, Zouk, 17.03.2023, 2h Zouk open Level
60.-, inkl. ZoukOut-Party
! For Partyentry only, use our Product ZoukOut in our shop.

Partys only on Tuesday & Wednesdays you can pay at the door; CHF 10.-

Leo & Ana
Leo & Ana
Leo & Ana